2016 Bali Artists’ Camp Showcases Australia-Indonesia Engagement

IMG_9618In the midst of a tropical downpour, artists and art lovers alike gathered at Made Budhiana Gallery, Lodtunduh, Ubud to celebrate the opening of the Bali Artists’ Camp exhibition held on Saturday 8 April 2017. Artwork on display was produced entirely by participants of the 2016 Bali Artists’ Camp in which artists from Australia, Indonesia and Japan gathered together in search of inspiration as they explored the beauty and lushness of Eastern Bali, built friendships and ultimately, produced an impressive suite of intoxicating artwork. In its fifth year, the Bali Artists’ Camp aims to stimulate ongoing engagement among cultures, landscapes and people, resulting in an exciting body of collaborative pieces.

Many of the artists of 2016 had previously joined the 2015 Artists’ Camp held in Australia’s Northern Territory in conjunction with the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin. On this occasion, a blend of Australian and Indonesian artists gathered for the first time to explore the rich culture and wild landscape of Northern Australia, leading to the birth of new friendships and the extensive development of artists’ repertoires.


Nanik Suryani stands beside some of her artwork on display

Ms Nanik Suryani from Banyuwangi, Indonesia is one such artist who had the opportunity to participate in both events. Suryani speaks highly of her experience at the 2015 Bali Artists’ Camp held in the Northern Territory as source of inspiration and personal development as an artist. “It was the first time for me to participate in such an art camp, which literally involved camping in the middle of the woods. I not only made new friends from Australia and Indonesia but also enjoyed engaging with a new landscape while also learning a new style from Indigenous Australians,” states Suryani.

On returning to the Bali Artists’ Camp in 2016, Suryani’s style had already evolved to incorporate a new way of seeing and painting, inspired by Aboriginal dot painting she had learned while in Australia.  “My art is based on a Consensusism which uses abstract geometic composition, balancing elements of shape, light and colour. I now also like to experiment with Indigenous Australian painting, incorporating modern dot painting techniques,” adds Suryani.

The exhibition will be held until the 8 May at the Made Budhiana Gallery, Villa Pandan Harum, Gang Pandan Harum, Jalan Anak Agung Gede Rai, Lodtunduh, Ubud Bali. The artists and founder of the Bali Artists Camp, Mr Colin McDonald QC would like to acknowledge the support received from the Commonwealth Bank of Indonesia, the Indonesian Department of Foreign Affairs, the Northern Territory Government, and the Consulate-General of Australia in Bali.


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